Glasgow and Edinburgh Fringe

Towards the end of August we decided to book a little trip to Scotland to visit some good friends and check out the infamous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Starting off in Glasgow, we spent a whole day wandering the streets, taking in the architecture that it so unique to this city. We visited the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, inside you can find a mishmash of taxidermy, Ancient Egyptian artefacts, galleries dedicated to Glaswegian artist, Charles Rennie Macintosh and various exhibits relating to Scottish history and culture.


Then the rain came so we huddled in a nearby bar for some tasty lunch. Fortunately the rain passed and we made it to the city’s Botanic Gardens which features several glasshouses filled with exotic plant species. This is cactus heaven and there’s also a whole bunch of other weird and wonderful fauna to feast your eyes on. Check out this little snippets video that I made...


In the evening we caught up with some friends at a quaint little pub found just South of the River Clyde called The Old Toll Bar. Here we played board games and scoffed some delicious some Asian dumplings!


For the Fringe, we spent the day strolling around the hilly streets, catching a glimpse of the street performers and ducking into various venues. It was quite overwhelming, and I think we agreed that next time, we would try and visit midweek for a few days to really soak up the atmosphere. We had some giggles but the highlight was catching John Robins over at the Pleasance Courtyard. His show was an insight into the dark, witty mind of a broken hearted man. I would love to visit Edinburgh again, it seems like such a vibrant, beautiful city!