Glastonbury Festival 2017

Birthday solstice celebrations with cider, sunshine and Katy Perry, what more could you want? My second Glastonbury got off to a good start due to the amazing weather, it usually rains on my birthday so I was expecting the worst. The factor 50 was on and we we're sizzling! It was nice to go to a festival with no responsibilities and I have to say my camera spent a lot of time tucked away in my bag but here's a couple of shots from the weekend. 

Katy Perry on the Pyramid Stage

Crowds gather as the solstice sun sets in the King’s Meadow’s Sacred Space.


One of our favourite spots to be over the weekend was at Shangri-La's Clash stage which featured sets from Boom Sound, 24hr Garage Girls and the Born on Road crew.


Me and the boy eagerly waiting for London Grammar in the John Peel tent. Definitely a highlight for us and the perfect finish to a wonderful weekend at the farm.