A Foxes Tale

Since April we've enjoyed the company of some beautiful urban foxes in our back garden. It all started with just a occasional sighting of a vixen, very timid, she would rarely hang around for more than a few seconds when we opened our back door. One morning I opened my curtains to see her with 4 dozy little cubs out feeding. I was quietly screeching with excitement, it was such an amazing thing to see but as soon as I caught her eye she huddled them all back beneath the raised decking. From then on I would wake up and immediately look out into our garden, slowly but surely they'd be there without fail, she would be feeding them and we would see them every morning as we came into the summer months. 


As the cubs confidence grew, we would often catch them exploring our back garden, playing with each other or leaves etc, SO CUTE! Sometimes we'd be able to sit in the garden without alerting them and watch them from just a few metres away. There seemed to be this one cub who was just that little bit braver than the others. I'd always catch him basking in the sunshine or when mum had huddled them back to the den, he would always cheekily stick around for just that little bit longer. 


One sunny afternoon, I went to sit out and soak up some sunshine when this little cub came out from behind our fence. He was inquisitive, keen to see what I was up to but also very nervous. I was so excited to be so close I quickly grabbed my camera to take some snaps. To my surprise, he sat and posed, it was extraordinary being so close to this beautiful creature. This lasted for around 10 minutes till he set off on his way, I was so elated from the whole experience I decided to give my friend a name, Arnie.

From then on Arnie comes to visit me daily, he sits outside our back door, no doubt hoping for any scraps we may have left over from dinner. He's now so used to my company I can sit pretty much next to him whilst he has a little snooze. He clearly feels our garden is a little safe haven, we always catch him sleeping here in the afternoon. He also has a friend (presumably a brother) that will relax with him, but this little fella is far more wary of us!

I've read that fox cubs start to become a lot more territorial towards the end of October and flee from their original homes, so there is a possibility we may begin to see less of this little fella, well actually he's quite big now! Despite the smelly presents they like to leave us, it has been wonderful to have an opportunity to get so up close to these beautiful animals.